Release Negative Emotions with Writing

Do This 12 Minutes A Day to Release Negative Emotions

Habib Sadeghi, writer of the book The Clarity Cleanse, and co-founder of the Beehive of Healing Integrative Medical Center talks about dealing with toxic emotions like anger with a simple writing exercise. Here is the gist of the same.

Purge Emotional Writing 

Every emotion carries a position or negative energy which has the ability of physically impacting our bodies in measurable manners. The act of writing can help in releasing those negative charges much like sex helps in releasing tension from the body. Negative energy should be regularly released so that it does not accumulate. The writing exercise is to be looked at as an act of freedom.

The exercise gives the best results when no thoughts apart from the emotions are put on paper. You must not stop to think or edit what you are writing. Don’t think about punctuations, prepositions or your handwriting. Just write. You may get to a point where your emotions are flowing out so fast that you are not even writing complete comprehensible words. That’s good. Just keep writing. The end of the exercise involves you burning the paper to get final closure so you do not have to worry about anyone else reading it.

This is how you go ahead with it: get yourself a pen and a notebook, find a quiet place and set a time of 12 minutes. Then open the notebook and start pouring out. It could be about anything- job, relationships, health, whatever is troubling you. Don’t pause for a thought- just write. When your timer goes off, complete your last thought and stop. Collect the pages and tear them up, your last step is to burn those pages in a non-flammable area. Fire is cleansing, by changing the paper to ash it neutralizes the negative energy.


  • reread what you have written, ever.
  • use an electronic device. The physical energetic connection with the pen and paper is more and that’s the aim- to let out emotional charge.
  • direct the negative words you might have penned down towards yourself. Know that you are right in what you feel.

Do this for 5 days, make it a part of your everyday regime- like taking a bath or brushing your teeth.