Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers & Experienced

The digital economy has evolved to become an integral part of our lives and this is not changing anytime soon. As a result, digital marketing jobs have witnessed rapid growth. These days, digital marketing is one of the hottest sectors. It has an abundance of opportunities for skilled graduates. And the number is only going to see new heights in the upcoming years.

Digital marketing and traditional marketing are not much different. You have a product that you want to sell, you are looking for ways to engage with your customers as well as build your brand recognition. Your ultimate goal is to close that sale. However, a career in digital marketing incorporates more skills and roles than in traditional marketing. The flexibility and versatility of this field are what make a career in digital marketing fascinating.

Types of Digital Marketing Jobs

1. Content Managers

Content management plays a primary role in every digital marketing agency. Contrary to popular belief, content management is much more than just “writing” and social media activity. Content managers specialize in not only creating SEO-friendly content but also managing and promoting it.

2. SEO Specialists

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist examines, researches, and implements changes in websites to make them optimized for search engines. This results in generating more traffic to the website and ultimately improving its page rank. It is difficult to specialize in SEO because search engine algorithms are constantly changing. And the bigger a business is, the higher the complications. 

3. VR Developers

Virtual Reality Developers have one of the most creative and relatively ‘new’ jobs. These individuals have a background in combining technology with creativity and special effects. The entry-level jobs in this field could be in the form of an editor or assistant. VR is a highly specialized field and was not that common until a few years ago. But lately, VR is being used more and more in digital campaigns and as a result, the demand for VR developers is high in the market.

4. UX Designer 

A UX Designer is responsible for the development of websites and applications. They have a deep technical background as well as being well-versed in the design aspect. They understand a website from a marketing point of view. As a result, they have a profound knowledge of the product or services offered to the clients. 

5. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is a specific area of content development and marketing. People working in email marketing are not only well-versed in marketing but also in copywriting and editing. They are in charge of campaigns, PR, launches, etc. Email marketing is fundamentally a lead-generation activity.


No matter which role you choose to specialize in, digital marketing is a vast field and has a space for everyone. People from the digital marketing field are in demand everywhere. Even if you don’t have a technical specialization, you can still work in the digital marketing field and earn a stable income. Moreover, the number of opportunities in this field is endless. And as long as you are keeping yourself updated with the market trends, you will find yourself thriving.