5 Step Guide To Become A Software Developer

Software developers conceptualize, design and build computer programs. Some build applications that perform specific functions on a computer system. While others develop operating systems. In either case, software developers identify user needs, develop programs according to those needs, test them out, and make alterations if required. The field of software development is dynamic in nature. This means, there is a constant shift in technology. As a result, software developers need to stay updated with the latest technology. 

Software developers are and have been in demand for many years now. Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, IBM, etc are some of the big names that will pop up when you search for software developer job vacancies in Pune. These companies hire software developers all year round. They seek talented and highly skilled candidates who are proficient at their job. Due to the large number of educational institutes in Pune, a fresher can also discover various software developer job vacancies in Pune

But the question remains, what does it take to become a Software developer? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to kick-start your career as a software developer.

1. Degree in Computer Science

To begin with, you should at least have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Computer science is the best subject to major in as an aspirant software developer. It offers a deep understanding of designing software, as well as learning theoretical aspects like data structures and algorithms. Most importantly, most of your time will be spent learning to code and how to write real software. 

2. Define Your End Goal

Getting a degree will not be fruitful unless you have a clear end goal. Building a career in software development is not easy so it is important to set a goal early on. This way, whenever you come across a hurdle you can remind yourself about your end goal and keep moving forward.

The end goal can be defined as “I want to become a software developer in a big IT company.” If you are a student studying in a city like Pune, then finding the right job will not be too far away once you graduate. There are many software developer vacancies in Pune that seek freshers especially.

3. Learn A Language

It is important to learn a few programming languages to build your skill set for software developer jobs. There is no valid argument on which language is the best for a software developer, so here is a list of the most popular programming languages:

1. Python

2. C++

3. Javascript

4. C#

5. Java

4. Build projects

While theoretical knowledge is important, there is nothing like practical experience. Start building projects in a language you know the best. By doing so, you not only learn a lot but also increase your chances of finding a potential employer. Because as you slowly improve your coding skills and build projects, it will help you in establishing your professional network as well. 

5. Ace Your Interview

Finally, after getting the right degree, learning to code, and building projects, it is time to put it all to the test. Acing your job interview is really crucial as the final step. Remember to make a resume that is eye-catching and detailed at the same time. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile, most HRs ask for it to check your skills and practical experiences. Therefore, maintaining an online presence is also recommended.

Building your career in software development is bound to be a fruitful decision. Software developers have a very promising and high-potential job. Whether you search for software developer job vacancies in Pune or any other city in India, you will find thousands of job listings from big IT firms. And thanks to our increasing reliance on computer systems, the demand for software developers is sure to only rise in the upcoming years.