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By: Kayleigh Chabrillan
The image of the care-free tropical island has been with us since long before the 1930's. Due to inappropriate harvesting practices and absence of proper management, most of the existing bamboo stands have become dense and congested. However, these bamboo stands can be reinvigorated and improved by hilling-up of the soil occupied by the clumps and through fertilizer application. Bamboo has also been included in the list of species recommended for the Forestation Program of the DENR.

To achieve their smooth shine, freshly cut poles are dried in a low-oxygen high heat kiln. These poles are generally straight and crack-free although, like all bamboos, occasional fissures and bends sometimes occur. Different types of poles as well as different lengths and diameter poles can be mixed together. Some people want all their poles to look similar while other people prefer a more irregular look with varying thicknesses of canes, different color finishes (like mixing black canes with the tan ones) and different length poles. If you've grown a big variety of bamboo plants, then you could be ready to sell to them.

The timber bamboo is also quite a delicacy, offering a very nutrituous and delicious addition to any meal. Moso can grow upwards of 80 feet tall, three to seven inches in diameter and has a beautiful shade of green to it. Moso is the most common type of bamboo growing in the forests of China today. A sink stand and cupboard that attached to the bamboo pump house and shower room.

The local carpenters made the cupboard handles from bamboo scraps after I showed them how to. The floor was left cement with terracotta colored dye added to it. This is just a closer up view of the recycled tile sink and cupboards. To the right is the add on to the original pump house with the bamboo bench table in front of the animal house. The exercise of making a fishing rod on my own not only made my fishing experience much more enjoyable, but also created in me that necessary self-confidence to start building a bamboo fly fishing rod. However, with the help of master rodsmiths and, today, the internet, you can find all information about how to make your own bamboo rod.

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