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By: Glenn Lavater
Mr. Gurrieri owner of Federici Workshop in Bologna, Italy is very happy to announce that their

Museum frames have become ready and available for sale. Federici Workshop was born in 1905 and is one of the most important workshop throughout European countries.

The speciality of Federici Workshop are the antique collectible frame replicas. Art Galleries, state museums and private lovers owned the vast majority of wood frames that are used since ever from Federici's carvers and gider to get their inspiration. Reproductions could go through different styles as Renaissance period,Empire,Neoclassicist and could be designed using distinct shapes: Italian, Spanish as well as French shape are definitely the most used. Premium quality materials are always utilised. Gilding process can be done in two different ways: Dutch metal leaf or even 23 K gold leaf. Shipping can be accomplished around the world using DHL courrier. Every one of the replica is delivered with a certification of authenticity which describes the item itself with the specific features as measurements, model and tecniques utilized.

When Massimiliano had 13 yrs old had the chance to spend time in the dad's workshop. He experienced the chance to spend time at the lake but he imagined he'd get a lot more benefit of staying at home and try to practice a quite antique tecnique which is wood carving of the wood and so proceeded for 3 very long month tacking these important classes from among the best wood carver of all European countries. Since that very first painting frame carving had become the key talent of Massimiliano. He has crafted since than a huge amount of old master carved and gilt frame reproductions.It's because of that decision that now Massimiliano Gurrieri is so looked for framing very important painters such as Carracci and G. Reni.

An incredibly curious aspect of antique painting frames is that lots of them were wasted during the second world war due to the fact that Germans, in the very end of the conflict start to demolish the frames of the antique paintings that they had thieved throughout the countries under their control to have the advantage of hold them in a easier way, in fact paintings with no frame can weight a lot less and could occupied much less space. This can be the primary reason why nowdays there's a huge number of old master artworks without a frame or with a horrible frame that's not been produced toghether with the painting.

Wooden frames made by the Workshop Federici are copies of real gilt frames generally owned by the Pinacoteca of Bologna, which is the best pubblic museum in Bologna city for old Italian paintings. They have been used for framing lots of pieces of art of very important painters. They were used for framing paintings of Raffaello and Reni among others.

Get in touch with Master Carver M. Gurrieri on 393333720043 to get more informations or take a look at
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