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By: Jonna Treadwell
They even post openly on popular Western, Russian and Iranian social networking sites, regularly sharing personal information, locations, employer and university affiliations, families and friends, etc. I would not lie to you - I want to get this out. I swear to God, put it in the film. McAfee, for his part, told us, "Showtime has done the most disgraceful things to these people in Belize, and I'm trying to bring this to light. "If I'm going to be crucified, I want to have some fun out of it.

"As soon as I found out Jeff Wise was involved, at that point I decided I would just start messing with" the film, McAfee recently told Business Insider over the phone of his side of the events. Vincent Stuart, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, testify during a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting at the Dirksen Senate Office Building on February 26, 2015 in Washington, DC. Evy Mages/Getty ImagesJeff Bardin is the chief intelligence officer of Treadstone 71 James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence and Lt.

One of the first people she met was through Wise. That person was Eddie McKoy, a local who is known for his ties to gangs in Belize and who goes by the nickname "Mac 10" (like the gun). She jumped on a plane and went down to Belize to begin work. Having at one time planned to kill McAfee, he ended up being a part of his security detail, according to the film and stories by Wise. Once he realizes who she is, however, he walks away.

This leads back to an email conversation, one in which McAfee calls Burstein "Satan. In the film, Burstein attempts to ask McAfee questions about what happened in Belize by cornering him at a debate for the American Libertarian Party in New York (McAfee was a 2016 presidential candidate). And the women, because they were younger than me, this maternal thing was happening. "Tough guys like Eddie McKoy saw me as a sister and they were nice to me and respectful," Burstein said.

"They would speak to me in a different way than if I was a guy. Most notably, McAfee's caretaker, Cassian Chavarria, claims on camera that McAfee ordered him to wire $5,000 to McKoy with instructions to kill Faull because McAfee thought Faull poisoned his dogs. When Burstein confronts McKoy in the movie with this information, however, he denies it. The alleged $5,000 hitman Burstein uncovers allegations about the Faull murder. She was like, 'My dad is really worried that there's more than one murder [featured] in the film,' and I just didn't say anything.

"She wanted to make sure she wasn't in the film - she's not," Burstein said. "And I don't know if she was trying to find out stuff for him. "The governor of Belize is certainly not a friend of mine, and I'm certain they would use whatever comes out in Showtime to their advantage, so I wouldn't be shocked at all. "I wouldn't be shocked at all," he told us. She alleges McAfee drugged her one night and raped her. Then there's a disturbing recollection by microbiologist Allison Adonizio, who was working for McAfee developing antibiotics derived from jungle plants in Orange Walk.

"I didn't know if he was still in New York and he's got an armed security guard who is licensed to carry. "My husband was away, I was alone, and the last [email] before the text he called me Satan, which I put in the film," Burstein said. I was scared at that moment. (The Belize government did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. McAfee also posted more government documents from Belize authorities saying the information in the movie isn't valid in a post on the site for the cybersecurity technology company MGT Capital Investments, of which he is the CEO.

In the post, he addresses the rape allegation by Adonizio, which he denies. But when Burstein brought up to McAfee's daughter the suggestion that the emails were not really from her father, according to Burstein, she said, "That's ridiculous, he would never do that, he's a total control freak, he has to do everything himself. In October of last year, Showtime approached Burstein with the idea to do a story about the Belize episode in McAfee's life. It has since been made into the series "The McAfee Project.

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